Misting Nozzle Pump for Ultimate Boost

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Our Misting Nozzle come in a variety of flow rates. Our mist system pump gives you the ability to control the pressure and how long you want your mist system to run.

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cool misting

presents the
Ultimate Mist Systems

No compromises were allowed.

The development team at Nevada Mist thoroughly examined the flaws in existing misting systems and eliminated them to create the Ultimate Misting System.

We knew the best misting system required the best parts and materials. All our fittings are metal not plastic. Our tubing is a high heat, high pressure, ultraviolet stabilized polyurethane compound. This allows the greatest strength and flexibility to accommodate even the most unique installations. Because our misting nozzles come in a variety of flow rates and patterns, each misting system can be custom built to meet your high volume and special effect requirements.

How Does It Work?

of misting
nozzles surround
the area to be cooled.
There 80 degree spray patterns
work together to create a curtain of
ultra fine mist. As the mist flash-evaporates,
the hot air is pulled from under the cover, leaving

Ultimate Booster Pump

pump pump

Here is another reason
why we call it the Ultimate
Misting System. The Pump System
is contained in a compact
stylish housing mounted to
any Surface. It is equipped
with a timer which activates
the entire system. Additionally,
you control the degree of
cooling by dialing in the boost
percentage. Go 100% for extra
hot days or drop to 10% on
warm summer evenings.
Truly the
Ultimate Misting System.

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