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If you are new to the dessert climate, the extreme heat of summer is probably the most significant change you will experience. Misting is the best way to control hot summer conditions, because you can bring the temperature down and add moisture to the dry air at the same time. Of course, the greatest benefit is that you are cooling the outdoors, were air conditioning is useless. As a homeowner, you have no doubt put a lot of time and money into your backyard. A correctly installed, quality mist system allows you to enjoy your garden and patio even on the hottest day.


The principle behind misting is to create a "curtain" of mist around the perimeter of a patio cover or sitting area. As the mist flash-evaporates it will draw hot air out of the area creating a cool area. At the same time the curtain acts as a barrier to keep hot air from intruding on the cool area.


The principle behind misting depends on evaporation. Smaller particles of mist are better because they evaporate quicker. Smaller particles are created by increased water pressure. Therefore, the higher your water pressure is the more effective your system will be.

Some misting systems can operate directly off of your household pressure. These are considered "low pressure" systems. They are the least expensive type of system and their effectiveness is limited. Additionally, because of the lower water pressure, a higher frequency of clogging is probable and therefore more maintenance is required.

If a pump is added to the system, the efficiency of the system can be increased. "Medium pressure" systems are often the choice of homeowners because they are efficient and yet not cost prohibitive. These systems typically operate at 100 to 200 pounds of water pressure.

To achieve the highest level of performance, a "high pressure" system is required. These systems, often called fog systems because of the cloud like appearance they create, are generally operated at 800 pounds of pressure or more. They are also the most expensive since the materials used must endure such high pressure. Although these systems can be installed in private homes, their higher price tag generally limits them to use in commercial applications, such as restaurants and amusement parks.

A reputable mist company should be able to offer you all three types of misting systems, low, medium, and high pressure, and will help you to decide which works best for your particular application. Some companies may even offer you the option to upgrade from low to medium or medium to high pressure further down the road.


A basic mist system will consist of tubing and nozzles. normally the tubing is quite small since water use is so minimal. Always look for metal fittings and nozzles (preferably brass) not plastic, since metal will hold up better in the extreme dessert climate.

Because most systems are so small, they will not detract much from the appearance of your home. However, if you prefer a more built-in system, look for a company that offers a covered system option. again, avoid plastic covers, since they won't last very long. Also, most plastics won't hold paint very well. A metal cover can be painted to match your home and further minimize the visibility of the system.

If you are building a new patio cover with a stucco finish to match your home, you may want to consider building your mist system into the structure. This will cost more, but, like the covered system option, it will add value to your home because it is built-in. Systems installed behind the stucco with no access for repair should be avoided. Look for a system that is flush mounted but with a removable cover. The last thing you want to do is tear out the stucco to repair your mist system. A good mist company will give you 100% accessibility and stand behind their work.


As with any work you may have done to your home, always work with a licensed company. Ask for references in your area and go see some of their installations, or ask to see photographs of their work. Also, make sure they offer a maintenance service and that replacement parts are available. Again, a good misting company will offer you all three types of installations allowing you the option best suited to your needs.

Don't become a prisoner of your own home. Make your home your castle by enjoying every aspect of it, including the yard and garden. Install the Nevada Mist Ultimate Mist System and enjoy your home all year round.


There are two major differences between Nevada Mist misting systems and other suppliers. One, our materials are much higher quality and designed to last much longer in the severe climate they are subjected to. Our tubing is extruded with u.v. inhibitors to protect it from the sun light and therefore it does not become brittle and leak even after years of use. Each nozzle can be disassembled for service cleaning unlike others which are one piece and must be replaced when clogged. The other major difference is in the system performance. Even with out the advantage of our Ultimate Booster Pump our low pressure system will out-perform other systems do to the internal design of our nozzle. This higher performance is even further demonstrated if you choose our ultimate booster pump option, something unavailable with do-it-yourself or kit type mist systems. Further, if the look of your system is important to you as I'm sure it is, we offer our Surface Cover Track and Sub Stucco Track option which completely hides all the clips, fittings, and tubing and makes your system a more integral part of your home.

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